Cut down the food miles!


We rear our own turkeys at our farm in Fetcham from day-old chicks and have done so for over 50 years using the same Norfolk-strain bird.  We feel we have perfected the art of rearing our birds which demonstrates itself in superb taste.  Our turkeys are slow grown and dry-hung allowing the meat to develop its great flavour.


As we rear ourselves, we have the benefit of offering a wide range of sizes.  Our birds generally weight from 10lbs up to 28lbs and a rough guide we suggest ‘a pound per portion’.


Perfect for Canadian Thanksgiving (13th October 2014), U.S. Thanksgiving (27th November 2014) and of course Christmas.


Turkey  joints explained…


Whole bird

Chicken1 Chicken2


Turkey joints explained…



Turkeys legs


Great flavour , dark meat


Turkey breast joint

Can be stuffed and topped with bacon

Chicken4 Chicken5


Turkey joints explained…


Turkey Crown


The shape of a whole bird



Easy-carve turkey


Maintains shape

Drumsticks andwing bone attached