Our Turkeys

Award-winning hand reared Christmas & Thanksgiving turkeys in Surrey


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We are passionate about our farm-reared produce and nurture all our animals to perfection.

Our turkeys have been reared slowly over the last six months in large spacious barns with ample natural daylight allowing the birds to demonstrate their natural behaviour in a safe environment.

Our birds can sleep when it’s dark rather than the intensive system where sheds are lit 24 hours to promote quicker growth. The turkey barns are re bedded with fresh clean straw every day.

The turkeys welfare is paramount to ensure a quality and tasty meal. The turkeys are fed solely natural ingredients and we do not use antibiotics, growth promoters or hormones.

All our birds are traditionally hung to develop a fuller flavour and tenderness as proven by our Overall Food Award at this year’s National Trust Fine Farm Produce Awards.

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