Local Produce

Sourcing our meat from local farms

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority

All the meat is locally sourced from our family farm in Fetcham and other surrounding local farms where we personally know the farmers and their love and care for their animals.

Barracks Farm, Fetcham

 Barrack Farm cattle

On our farm Stephen rears 360 head of beef cattle, Limousin and Sussex cattle, fed only on our grass, silage, hay and barley, which we grow ourselves. Limousin and Sussex cattle have been chosen for their excellent flavour.

Feeding ewes on Barracks Farm In recent years we have diversified into sheep and now with a flock of 300 Llyn ewes crossed with Charolais rams and we produce over 500 lambs each year. We also have a flock of 50 Winter Lambing Dorsets, milk lamb for Easter.

We graze over 800 acres of grassland, which includes the very picturesque Polesden Lacey Estate in Great Bookham and Chapel Farm in Westhumble.

All our meat is sold in our butcher shops in East Horsley.



Sheep on Surrey farm

Dunley Hill Farm, Ranmore Common, Nr Dorking

Brothers Hugh and James Watt keep 200 Charolais x Texel ewes on their farm near Dorking.

The ewes lamb during March/April, with the first draw of lambs in our shop in July. They are reared on creep feed, as are all the lambs that we buy ‘off-farm’. We continue to draw lambs from Dunley Farm until the end of January/February the following year. Lambs that are taken throughout the winter months are fattened on turnips, grass and whole crop oats.




All our pork is produced by Richard Scott from Chichester. Pigs on Scott Free Range

Born and reared outdoors his Free Range Quality Assured pigs enjoy fresh air, freedom and a natural, additive free diet throughout their lives. Richard’s carefully developed style of husbandry and trained staff means they have un-stressed, healthy pigs that are free to roam and can get on to do what they do best – eat, sleep and dig!

We also dry cure and smoke our own Bacon on the premises-well worthy of a try.



Etherly Farm, Forest Green, Nr Dorking

Ducks on Etherley Farm, Ockley, Surrey Richard Keen runs Etherley Farm keeps free-range ducks and large slow growing chickens that are fed on soaked barley.The ducks reach a weight of between 2.5kg and 4kg NYD (New York Dressed or ‘nothing yet done’) and the chickens reach a weight up to 6kg NYD.


Our Game

Our fresh game is available when in season, and we hold a very comprehensive selection. In addition we have a good range of frozen game in stock for the rest of the year.

We have locally shot Roe Deer with Pheasant and Duck from local shoots when in season.